Because we are convinced that when you are learning a foreign language, nothing is more important than being in constant contact with a specialised mother-tongue teacher, in the country where this language is spoken.

Our teaching methods

Bologna lingua

The most natural, least stressful way of getting to grips with a foreign language is to pass the entire day in a family setting, where a number of hours of "formal" teaching are interwoven with numerous other moments that invariably stimulate language learning (TV, lunchtime conversation, walks, trips, etc.).

Anyone of 18 years of age upwards interested in learning Italian in a family setting, where even the simplest things are given their rightful importance: things such as preparing lunch together, going for a cycle ride, and why not, even an afternoon "siesta" in the house's small garden, situated in an inner suburb of Bologna just 15 minutes by bus from the centre city.

This is the ideal formula for those who wish to get the most from a short period of simple language learning, without having to attend exhausting full-immersion courses in schools where there are inevitably going to be other students who speak your language.

Our students come from such diverse countries as USA, Canada, Holland, Germany, Japan etc., and include: professionals, teachers, housewives, doctors, translators and retired persons; what they all share is a common interest in the Italian language and culture.

About 70 per cent of the students are "adults" and the 30 per cent are university students, upper or secondary school students such as young people of Intercultura/A.F.S. who spend one school year in Bologna hosted by Bolognese families.