Cooking lessons


We can also offer one or more afternoons of private one-on-one cooking lessons, held in an Italian cooking school located in the city centre: Il Salotto di Penelope.
The student will learn some elements of the famous Emilian cuisine: for example, how to make a good “ragù Bolognese,” a “sfoglia” (the base for tortellini or tagliatelle), or some typical cakes.

Vegetarian Cooking

For our students interested in learning vegetarian and vegan versions of specialties from Bologna and other areas of Italy we offer lessons by a professional chef knowledgeable in nutrition.

Here again the lesson menu can be tailored to the students’ particular interests.

Italian cooking lessons

By focusing on the ingredients used and the specialities prepared the student will be able to deepen his appreciation of Italian culture.

At the end of the session the students and cook will enjoy the dishes they have prepared together.

For lovers of Italian wine, we can arrange a guided visit and tasting at a wine-cellar located in the Bolognese hills.