All of our standard courses are held in the homes of the teachers in Bologna, or in the studentís apartment when possible.
They usually start on Monday and finish on Friday.

Course A

Three hours of lessons in the morning (15 hours total), one lunch with the teacher (price not included, about 15 euros), plus different activities until about 5 p.m. for two afternoons. These activities include: guided TV viewing, video films, visits to the centre of Bologna, one trip by car/train to Ferrara, Dozza Imolese (Enoteca Regionale) Museo of Ferrari in Maranello or a Parmigiano factory, etc.
Cost of excursion not included.

Course B (for 2 students)

Three hours of lessons in the morning plus one afternoon excursion as mentionned in course A.

Course C

Ten hours of lessons at free schedule.

Weekend Course

Specially arranged for people who have little free time.
Flexible course of concentrated lessons from Friday to Sunday morning, hours arranged to suit the students.
Two lunches with teachers are possibile.

Course "L'italiano passeggiando"

Conversational program, taking place during 5 days of excursions by car or train to Ferrara, Dozza Imola, Modena, Parma, Ravenna, etc. . Two full days escursions plus three morning, a lunch (price not included, about 15 euros).

Course "Italian in music/art/literature"

15 hours personalized theoretical and practical course created for those people who love literature/art/music with particular attention to what the city can offer.