The afternoon activities are a fundamental part of our program. Being able to spend two or three hours every afternoon (courses A-B-C-H) or all day long (course G), together with the teacher is a very effective, stress free way to learn.
The excursion will be arranged by train or car, and usually are individual. Sometimes it is possible for a second person to participate. In this case the price is reduced by 20% for both the participants.

Walk in Bologna city centre (25 euros)

A simple walk in the centre of Bologna alone justifies this trip. The historical centre is well preserved, full of churches, old buildings, museums, hidden gardens but more then everything has kept a unique atmosphere that will enchant you. The lights, all of the characteristic coffee shops and small restaurants under the portici where people chat until late night , music in the street and the colours of the markets, all of this contributes to create amongst young people the myth of Bologna. Maybe this is the reason why, according to many statistics, Bologna is the city where many Italians would like to live.

Other trips (price per student)

  • Bologna: 25 euro
  • Dozza Imolese: 30 euro
  • Ferrara: 35 euro
  • Modena (visits to Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese factory and Balsamico vinegar factory): 35 euro
  • Maranello (visit to Ferrari): 45 euro
  • Parma/Ravenna/Brisighella/Faenza (visit to a winery): 60 euro
  • Mantova/Padova/Verona: 80 euro
  • Venezia: 90 euro